Support for Multiple Platforms

VantageMDM provides device management solution for multiple platforms including iOS, Android and Chrome books.



Kiosk Mode offers a secure solution to turn your iOS, Android and chrome devices into kiosks, giving you control over which apps are to be enabled or disabled on the devices. You can allow single or multiple apps in kiosk mode.


Internet Filtering

Secure your corporate or school devices from the internet with VantageMDM’s web filtering feature. This feature allows you to set white and blacklist of websites. You can block/allow websites based on categories.


Remote Screen View

This feature allows you to view screens of iOS, Android and Chrome devices remotely from vantageMDM panel . This makes it possible to provide remote support in efficient way as well monitor student devices if needed.

App Management

Remotely Distribute and manage app store and enterprise apps across Android and IOS devices . You can even disable unnecessary apps by black/white listing.

Content Management

With Mobile Content Management Solution, enterprises can easily create a document library and share content like images, videos and other files across all enrolled devices or group of devices.


VantageMDM lets you establish and enforce granular security policies on devices to protect corporate data.

Password Management
Enforce policy for strong passcode including passcode pattern, length, expiry time etc.
Remotely Wipe Device Data
Admin can remotely wipe device data if it is stolen.
Discover Jail-broken & Rooted Devices
Easily identify which devices are jailbroken and rooted.
Block Bluetooth & SDCard
Block Bluetooh and SDCard access to protect corporate data.

Device Management

VantageMDM makes it possible to view, control, and manage Android , iOS and Chrome devices easily by enrolling them remotely and pushing policies without touching them.

Device Enrollement

Admin can register devices in simple and fast way by performing over-the-air enrollment via email and authenticate users through one-time username/password.

User-Friendly Dashboard

VantageMDM comes with a robust, in-built, and a user-friendly dashboard, allowing you to control your Android , iOS and Chrome devices from one place.

Restrictions and Configurations

VantageMDM provides a complete set of restrictions and configurations for iOS , android and chrome devices like allowing/blocking of camera, itunes etc. or configuring VPN and Wifi remotely.

Email Management

VantageMDM's email management configures corporate emails all across the devices remotely, allowing employees to work from anywhere.

Device Health Monitoring

Admin can remotely monitor device health through batter status, memory usage etc.

Location Tracking

VantageMDM offers location tracking feature, allowing the admin to locate the mobile devices from web based dashboard.

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